How we work


At JMC Philanthropic Advisors, we believe that success begins with clear objectives. We work with our clients to articulate their values and passion for giving and help to create a philanthropic vision. We then craft a unique set of goals to implement this vision with the greatest potential for impact. This process empowers donors to make decisions that translate their values into effective and strategic grant-making.




JMC Philanthropic Advisors applies rigorous business principles to the work of philanthropy. We develop and manage effective infrastructures that enable our clients to achieve their goals in a professional, legal, and sustainable manner, while focusing on the activities they find most rewarding.



At JMC Philanthropic Advisors, we believe that the philanthropic process is one of exploration, a journey to identify opportunities and leverage grants to create meaningful and lasting change. We begin the journey by listening to our clients and we engage them in an ongoing dialogue about how to successfully achieve their goals. We then conduct in-depth research; coordinate local, national, and international site visits; and work with innovative thought leaders to identify gaps in the field, reduce redundancies, address issues that are important to the donor, influence public policy, and develop strategies for effective giving.





JMC guides clients through the vast field of potential grantees. We help donors identify funding opportunities that enable them to achieve their philanthropic goals. We develop grantmaking portfolios with the same rigor one might use to evaluate any financial investment. We perform due diligence, evaluate management, structure agreements, and monitor grant recipients. We create a comprehensive system of accountability that clarifies expectations.






JMC Philanthropic Advisors ensures that clients employ best practices to meet the highest level of legal and ethical standards. This includes ensuring full compliance with fiduciary responsibilities, establishing program and operational budgets, and developing and implementing a governance structure that promotes effective communication and decision making. We build and train boards that reflect the complexity of each foundation and we facilitate meetings, set agendas, and build consensus.



At JMC Philanthropic Advisors, we help our clients prepare for the future by articulating their vision for how foundation assets will be managed and distributed over time. We facilitate discussions around transfers of wealth, intergenerational succession plans, and the sunsetting of foundations in ways that achieve the donors' intent. We create and train advisory and next-generation boards that mentor children, grandchildren, and nonfamily trustees so they can learn from, and build on, the mission of the foundation.